Where Ordinary Days Become Extraordinary Days

-Anyone who is ill must stay at home for the safety of the school. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with COVID-19 please immediately alert the school and stay home. It is advised to follow the CDC's recommendations if you are ill or have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Face Coverings

As always, we are committed to providing safe and healthy learning environments for children and their families. Here is what we are doing to maintain this level of quality as per the requirements by the state of NJ as well as suggestions from the CDC:

-Teachers will continue to wear gloves and serve children individually.

-We will using disposable plates and utensils.

-All staff will wear a face covering on site at all times. Children above the age of two years old will be encouraged to wear one as per the parent's discretion. Children under two years old or during nap time will be prohibited from wearing them.

What to do if my child is sick or a family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

--We have always strived to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. As added precautions, we have removed any difficult to clean materials from the classrooms.

-All materials will be rotated throughout the day so they we can clean them in between uses.

-We will also be using a defogger for sanitization.

COVID-19 Update

--Only children and staff will be permitted into the building.

-Parents will call the school at least 15 minutes prior to picking up so staff can gather child's belongings and bring them to the parent.

-Children will have individual desks/sitting areas.

-Children will have individual areas to place their belongings (which are to be brought home and cleaned each day).

Food Prep
Temperature Check and Health Screening

-A staff member will be checking the temperature of any person (child and staff) who enters the building as well as administrating a quick health screening.

-Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees or any other flu-like symptoms will not be permitted into the building.

-Staff and children will continue to wash hands frequently. At the start of the day, throughout different activities, before/after pottying and diapering, when coming into the classroom, and when done for the day.

Physical Distancing