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“I am so glad that we chose to come to School Time.  Thanks to you, my son was able to experience the best of what preschool has to offer.  You have set the bar very high for all of his teachers to come!”


I have found School Time to be accommodating to the many changes in my schedule, loving and nurturing to my children, and informative on any concern that may have arisen during my children's day.  In selecting my children's school, I did consider curriculum, teaching licensure, and class size, so I am very happy with the selection of School Time and highly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.



School Time's staff goes out of their way to make my children's days full of education and fun.  My girls love going to school each day and that makes me love bringing them there!




"Prior to coming to School Time, we had our son enrolled at several area day cares (including the well recognized chains).  He began at School Time when it opened in 2008.  Since then, the change in him has been profound.  We have found the program to be challenging as well as fun."


There is not a single day that goes by that I am not thankful for the education that School Time has provided for my two children.  They are only in the Pre-School program, and they are already learning concepts and ideas that I would have believed were taught in a Kindergarten class.  Couple this with the fact that the loving and caring environment that is implemented in every classroom at School Time ensures that my children are also developing emotionally and socially.  



“We looked at different preschools/day cares in the Hamilton area before School Time and none of them felt right because of the number of students to one teacher or even the cleanliness of the school.  After seeing School Time, we knew it was the right school and we loved the setting.”


"I love this school. The staff is exceptional in every way. I am so glad I chose School Time. When I drop my child off, I have the peace of mind of knowing that she is safe and well cared for. Thank you School Time for making a concerned mother a happy one."


“The curriculum, the projects that come home, the clean environment, and overall happiness that my son exudes on a daily basis is such a pleasure for a parent.”


"We are very fortunate and pleased to have found School Time because my son is being well cared for and receiving an exceptional education."


Since my daughter began attending School Time last year, I have been left amazed at the progress she has made in her development.  The curriculum that the teachers use is so well thought out and so well executed day in and day out.  The projects she comes home with each week, along with the discussions about what she learned in class, reflect this excellent curriculum.



"We truly appreciate all you do to provide our daughter with a safe and happy school environment!"


"My 5 year old son is reading, writing legibly, and his spelling is far better than I could have imagined.  He is even speaking Spanish!"


Just in watching my child with other children his age who went to other schools I can see a difference in his development.  We will be sending our younger son to School Time in the future as well.

Dave and Christy


The Owner has done a terrific job with her staff, and it shows in the educational crafts and activities that my children bring home and discuss each day.  Their use of the laptops and the SMART board only enhance my love of this school and the opportunities that are provided to my children.



I cannot be any happier about enrolling by child at School Time than I am now.  I am amazed at the quality of the curriculum the teachers provide to teach my child, and at the level of love, care, and comfort that the teachers provide for him. 



"The program is custom tailored to the needs and strengths of each individual child and is more than I could have ever hoped for."


My son loves attending School Time, never wants to miss a day, has enjoyed making friends, and best of all, he has developed a love for learning.

Dave and Christy


It only took three months after enrolling my two children at School Time to ask myself, "Why didn't I enroll them here sooner?"  Every single staff member at School Time goes well out of their way to ensure every child's day is an educational, fun-filled one.  The loving and caring environment that they set up in every classroom for all of their students cannot be matched at any other school I've looked at.  I recommend School Time for any family to entrust their children's development and education to.



The peace of mind that comes with a fingerprint-secured facility, the joy that comes with seeing my daughter smile when she brings home projects she worked on in class - these feelings make me glad I chose School Time for my daughter's education and care.  Every teacher there is wonderful, and always makes my daughter feel welcomed every morning, and loved all throughout the day.  There's no other school like it!



Any time my daughter plays with some of the other children in our neighborhood who went to different schools and programs, I can see a clear difference between her and the other children.  School Time was clearly the best school she could have attended, and it shows every single day.



I am certain that my son's love of learning will only be built further upon, and last throughout the rest of his life.  I would gladly recommend School Time to any family looking for quality education for their children.



“They take the time to know each child individually, including all of their likes and dislikes.  They have the perfect dose of warmth and discipline with the children.”


Thank you for welcoming my son into your Pre-School program.  He seems to have transitioned into the program well due to the loving and supportive environment created by your staff, including his teacher.  He has a growing fondness for School Time, his teacher, as well as his classmates.



I originally enrolled my son at my local school district's Pre-School program.  It was not until a month later that I learned about School Time in Allentown.  The building was much more secure, the classrooms much more inviting, the teachers infinitely more loving and caring for all of their students.  There was no comparison - School Time is the best choice for my child's education and development, and it really should be the best choice for everyone's children, as well.



As a teacher, I have high expectations for the environment my children are in when I am unable to be with them.  It is important to me that my children are engaged, challenged and nurtured daily.  I put emphasis on their intellectual, physical, and emotional needs being met as opposed to them just being in a room with toys.  One of the daily joys my children share is an environment where the activities and crafts have been designed around building their intellectual knowledge as well as teaching intricate social skills. 



Our son has been enrolled in School Time since age 2 1/2.  He has had many valuable social and educational experiences that are noticeable inside and outside of the classroom.  We were very fond of his Toddler teacher, when he began his education.  She was nurturing and informative.  I appreciated her giving us feedback on his behavior and accomplishments.  I also enjoyed knowing that if he was having a bad day, she was able to perceive a change in his mood and bring it to our attention.

Dave and Christy


Our children love going to School Time each morning, and this makes us happy that we've enrolled them there.  The teachers that our children are lucky enough to have teaching them, show them the love, support, and care they need to develop intellectually.  The curriculum is so well developed and constructed, that our son is very close to reading on his own, and our daughter is becoming very confident in learning Spanish.  

Debra and Bob


It's amazing what can be done when the great minds behind School Time's curriculum come together to develop programs that leave every child well prepared for their local school system's curriculum.  School Time is where we would recommend everyone enroll their children to receive the education and care they deserve.

Debra and Bob


My son has been enrolled at School Time since he was only a year old, and his developmental progress over the past three years has been phenomenal.  The level of care the teachers provide for him as he seamlessly transitions from one program to another is beyond what I had ever imagined.  I can already tell he is developing a love for learning what the world around him has to offer, and with School Time.



“We love the security that School Time offers. Not only is the front door secured from anyone not enrolled in the school, but the playground is also secured which makes us feel at ease.”


I feel confident that School Time was the right choice for my children's early childhood educational needs.  In fact, it should be the only choice for every parent's children.



“The staff welcomed us with open arms and made my kids feel comfortable.  In the beginning I would call to check on them to make sure everything was OK.  Each time the staff was more than happy to give me an update on how the kids were doing.”


"After a long weekend, my kids are asking when they are going back to school, not only to see their friends, but to see their teachers as well!"


I have two children, and both are enrolled at School Time in Allentown.  I originally enrolled them at another local private school, but I was not happy with the level of education and care they were receiving.  I decided to give School Time a chance, and I cannot be happier.  The education my children receive now is top-notch, provided by an excellent curriculum that you would think belonged to a franchise school.  The level of care the teachers provide is beyond every expectation I had for a private school. 



This last year my son has been in the Pre-Kindergarten class, and we are very happy and proud of his academic accomplishments.  He will be advanced and very well prepared for Kindergarten.  He recognizes his sight words, can spell and is very good at his math and making patterns.  He is very comfortable on a computer and is learning Spanish.  One day, he came home and told me that his blood was blue prior to leaving his body and being exposed to oxygen.  It was at that moment that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that our choice in choosing School Time for his early childhood education was the best choice for his academic and social development.

Dave and Christy



My son brings home projects every week, and seeing him smile as he explains to me what he did in class that day brings a lot of joy to my heart.  I can't explain enough how much it means to me that my child is being so well cared for and so well educated at School Time.



The environment of every classroom, along with the care and guidance every teacher provides (even for students not in their specific class), it all adds to the overall excellence of the school.  And, as an added bonus, tuition for School Time programs is affordable - not that money should ever be a factor if you want your child to be educated by the very best.  Give School Time a chance, like I did, and I promise you will not be disappointed.



From the moment I walked in the door, I knew School Time was the place I wanted to send my children to for daycare.  I trust this facility and staff, and have been impressed ever since.  The staff has a gift with the children, and knows all of them by name, even those that are not in their classes.