The learning experiences of our Toddler program students are built around their natural tendencies to be active, inquisitive, and exploratory learners who learn through sensory and tactile stimulation.  They are developing many new skills in the quest for independence - walking, talking, and discovering who they are and what they can do.  Our Toddler program encourages their sense of discovery while building vocabulary, encouraging imagination, and personalizing learning. Our monthly thematic units focus on creative, hands-on activities that will allow your child to learn through experimentation and exploration while simultaneously encouraging the development of higher order thinking skills.


Each day, our staff will provide you with a daily report of your child’s activities so that you can share in your child’s daily routine.  Twice during the school year, conferences are conducted to share your child’s progress and portfolio collection.
At School Time, we recognize that children learn and process at their own pace. We are committed to meeting each child’s individual needs.

 School Time Advantage 

  • Privately owned and operated
  • Safe, state of the art facility including fingerprint secure entry and video surveillance
  • Experienced, certified teachers
  • Fun, hands on, age appropriate curriculum
  • Special on-site programs and educational field trips
  • Affordable pricing
  • All inclusive enrichment programs
  • Open year round
  • Conveniently located with easy access to I-195, NJ Turnpike, and Route 130
Camp "Cool Time"
ABOVE & BEYOND summer program, Camp "Cool Time". Our summer camp combines fun, hands-on activities that encourages learning and adventure for the most memorable summer yet. Excite your child with our exceptional summer program where education and play come together to create a wealth of educational opportunities! We set ourselves apart from other summer programs by preparing your child for school by bringing learning to life. Children will explore, investigate, and discover our camp’s weekly themes through the use of hands-on activities, music, and games. School Time’s philosophy is that learning is a year-round experience. Our program continues to encourage our camper's academic growth by engaging them in educational reading and writing activities related to the theme. This will help your child gain the tools and skills necessary for academic success in his/her future. Call or fill out our form to schedule a tour or ask about our program.

Our Pre-School program builds on the three-year-old student’s “I can do it!” attitude through integrated, hands-on activities.  Monthly thematic units are designed to encourage curiosity, self-direction, and confidence.  We combine experimentation and exploration to build higher-level thinking, language, math, social, and motor skills with fun and challenging activities.  Our center-based classrooms provide a creative learning environment for our three-year-old students, allowing them to make their own choices and express their own personality.
Discovery Pre-School
Our Discovery Pre-School program expands on the foundation established in the Toddler program.  The curriculum continues to reinforce the development of expressive language, communication, and vocabulary skills. Gross and fine motor development is more actively promoted along with, personal, social, and emotional development. For these older toddlers, the curriculum is expanded to provide activities that will stimulate creativity and foster a positive attitude toward learning. Teachers will plan activities based on monthly themes and integrate all of the skills and concepts appropriate for their age. The children in this age group acquire increased awareness of numbers, explore letters, and develop an interest in books and reading.
School Time offers a comprehensive, full-day Kindergarten program with all of the benefits of a private school.  Our program recognizes the naturally inquisitive nature of Kindergarten students and provides opportunities for active, hands-on learning that will keep your child engaged and motivated under the guidance of an experienced, state-certified teacher. Our curriculum exceeds that of the local elementary schools, ensuring a smooth transition into your child’s local school system.  The curriculum is designed to address each child’s individual needs and learning styles, allowing your child to grow at his/her own pace. We offer full-day instruction (9 am - 3 pm) with Before and After Care options, allowing your child’s day to be coordinated with your own schedule.  This means your child spends more time learning, and less time in transition.  Our school is open more days per year than public schools, ensuring your child receives the maximum care and instruction possible.
Pre-Kindergarten students are naturally curious about the world around them.  Our Pre-Kindergarten program encourages our students to investigate new interests and experiences.  Children will gain independence while achieving the readiness skills (academic, physical, social, and emotional) needed for a successful transition into Kindergarten.  Monthly thematic units provide an array of activities and learning experiences for fun, hands-on, educational opportunities.
Bright Baby
Bright Baby is a loving, nurturing, and creative world designed to help your child’s mind and body grow. This safe, secure “home away from home” encourages your child to learn every day by exploring and making new discoveries. Qualified, trained staff will create an environment filled with stimulating and age-appropriate activities designed to encourage the well-being and development of your child. At School Time, we recognize that all infants are unique and have their own patterns for playing, feeding, and sleeping. We will use these patterns as a guide to introduce daily activities. We are committed to making this first transition away from home as easy and natural as possible for you and your child.
Holiday Care/Drop In
While School Time does close for the major holidays, we remain open during most elementary school closings in the surrounding areas. We understand the stress and concern parents have when faced with the challenge of having their child cared for during those times. This is why we created our Holiday/Drop In program. Check our calendar for specific dates that School Time is open.If you are a parent that has a child or children that are in need of child care for the days that your child's school is closed for individual days, holiday weeks, or spring breaks, we offer the Holiday/Drop In days.Your child will be cared for and will participate in all School Time activities for that day. We accept children from six weeks to thirteen years of age on a half or full day basis.If you would like to take advantage of this service where your child is in a safe, nurturing environment, please call (609) 259-7011 or use our handy contact form to set up the dates you would like your child cared for.

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